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​ Videos: 

 “Worse Than Poop!”  (6:15)  -  Children's oriented humor 

 Just Have Another Think (10:13)  -  "We've got climate change under control...apparently!" 

 Greta Thunberg  (11:11)  -  TED Talk 

 Petroleum (14:15) - Modern history of oil on a Map 

 Environmental Racism (21:50) - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 

 Climate Town  -  Rollie Williams (several videos) Grown-up oriented humor 

 “Rollie Williams and a ragtag team of climate communicators, creatives and comedians are here to examine...

  the climate crisis before the weather does it for you.” ​​

 Other Sources: 

 Newspaper: The Guardian, 

 Podcast: Amy Westervelt,  Drilled

 On-line News: Vox, 

 Blog: Sherry Listgarten,  A New Shade of Green 

 Vlog: Dave Borlace,  Just Have A Think 

 Wikipedia: ​ 

 Twitter: Antonia Juhasz,

 Update/Information Websites: 

 DeSmog blog, 

​ EcoWatch, 

 E&E News,  eenews 

 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 

 Union of Concerned Scientists, 

 Inside Climate News,  insideclimatenews 


 All Hell Breaking Loose  Michael Klare  makes good use of his contacts at the Pentagon;  military brass lay out a   convincing argument regarding potential problems growing increasingly worse as extreme weather develops;  a bit   repetitive at times 

 Blowout  Rachel Maddow  explains how multi-national fossil-fuel corporations use corrupt debt-trap tactics to exploit   3rd world countries, impoverishing residents there and degrading the atmosphere everywhere 

 Braiding Sweetgrass  Robin Wall Kimmerer  lovely stories, lovely writing, lovely attitude;  writes as a Native-   American and as a PhD biologist;  goes over the importance of an honorable harvest, as well as the benefits of   examining gratitude;  also mixes in ramifications of American genocide;  the best kind of slow book 

 Carbon Detox  George Marshall  my previous favorite;  fantastic at explaining how to integrate the scientific, the   personal, and the political;  not easy to get a copy of and a bit dated (2007);  the only book I'd seen where   someone speculated a guess at a tons-of-pollution-per-human-death ratio 

 Choked  Beth Gardiner  "Life and breath in the age of air pollution";  exposes how people are currently suffering   and/or dying worldwide;  admits that her flying habits create pollution;  puts a focus on local pollution 

 The Climate Diet  Paul Greenberg  the best "x # of things you can do" book I've seen;  it's simple and well thought   out;  the author is a journalist and makes his points in a clear manner;  good resource list at the back 

 The Coming Famine  Julian Cribb  doesn't spend much time on climate pollution;  but does a good job exploring   weather-related famine;  makes the case for both large/inexpensive agricultural practices 

 as well as local-organic-permaculture type farming 

 Drawdown  Paul Hawken  (Editor) a comprehensive accounting of many effective ways to reduce ghg pollution   (agricultural practices, for example);  well-researched;  a great resource;  it has especially good explanations of the   population issue and the importance of women's rights 

 Encyclical on Climate Change & Inequality  Pope Francis  the book was translated from Italian and there is a   decent amount of scientific jargon, so it's not a quick read;  uses less than one page to make excuses for the anti-   birth-control position of his Church;  the rest of the work carefully explains how pollution causes bad weather 

 Enviromedics  Jay Lemery and Paul Auerbach  excellent primer on the medical/human impact of pollution via a   scientific perspective;  plus engrossing life and death vignettes from their clinical practice;  not enough mention of   causes of pollution 

 Fire and Flood  Eugene Linden   a well-written history of responses to global warming (since the 70's) by: US   political leaders, the businesses community (especially insurance companies), scientists, the news media, and the   general public;  Linden was a reporter covering these events for most of that time 

 How the World Really Works  Vaclav Smil  if you like science, this is the book for you;  first world citizens 

 "could reduce...average per capita energy use by large margins and...retain a comfortable quality of life"; 

 unfortunately he minimizes the methane leaks problem;  but his excellent two paragraph description of the   greenhouse phenomena (pg. 178) is the clearest explanation of the problem I've read 

 Inconspicuous Consumption  Tatiana Schlossberg  "If we can connect climate change to our own lives, we'll be   more inclined to do something about it...when it comes to both personal choice, and political engagement";  this   book was the inspiration for the stopping shopping Solutions page;  fast-fashion is as bad as fast-food 

 Industrial Strength Denial  Barbara Freese  "Eight stories of corporations defending the indefensible, from the slave   trade to climate change";  great true-story explanations of how some business leaders have used logic and emotion   to engage in clearly unethical behavior, and continue to do so today 

 Learning to Die in the Anthropocene  Roy Scranton  a slim volume;  emotionally powerful;  based on his being   stationed in Iraq during the U.S. war there, and his post-war re-adjustment struggles;  includes thoughtful metaphor 

 of bee behavior;  must we fight wars over oil? 

 Let's Ask Marion  Marion Nestle  a physically small book packed full of rich "nutrients for thought", regarding   health, politics, farming, etc;  she writes about the food issue from a variety of angles; covers problems and   straightforward steps to solve them 

 The Lorax  Dr. Suess (Theodor Geisel) 

                "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." 

 Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Climate   Change  Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway  long, well-documented, and infuriating;  tales of harassment and   intimidation of naive scientists;  plus powerful professional PR campaigns;  all paid for by corporate behemoths 

 No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference  Greta Thunberg  a collection of her talks and speeches;  brief; 

 if her message was music, one could say she only occasionally hits a wrong note;  and she has an impressive list of   critics - from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump to Xi Jinping 

 Renewable Energy  Bruce Usher  a well-done primer that briefly covers global energy transitions of the past in   order to give a better context for events of today and tomorrow;  the economics are simply explained;  he writes   with an optimistic tone, which is refreshing, but is it warranted? 

 Tales of Two Planets  John Freeman  (Editor) "Stories of Climate Change and Inequality in a Divided World"; 

 moving testimony about unwelcome ecological changes in every corner of the globe;  powerful personal   accounts;  read it if you're still wondering whether the weather is changing, or if you've lost touch with humanity 

 There Is No Planet B  Mike Berners-Lee  A great global warming "handbook" with some similarities to this website;   he's a scientist and business consultant who uses plenty of numbers, but with clear explanations;  he mentions a   pollution to death ratio, and warns about the Jevon's paradox; a good choice as an introductory climate text  

 Under the Sky We Make  Kimberly Nicholas  my top pick;  understands the science;  has plenty of climate science experience   to draw from;  her personal story fits with political growth;  thoughtfully explains the importance of social contagion 

 We're All Climate Hypocrites Now  Sami Grover  "When I first started writing this book, my goal was to debunk   the idea that individual action was worthwhile...for the climate movement.  I couldn't have been more wrong." 

 Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet Thich Nhat Hahn (and Chan Khong)  some of his talks and writings mixed   with recent thoughts from Sister Khong;  she has a background in media, so if the Buddhist approach isn't for you, 

 the media-oriented angle is worth the read;  besides, who's against compassion? 

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