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 "Consumers may have to make   personal sacrifices, by giving up   things they use and enjoy, in favor 

 of less familiar technologies." 

 William Rees, the man who invented the phrase ecological footprint, said 
 "governments and the corporate sector" don't wish to make the "changes needed." 

 The oil company BP once tried to promote the "footprint" as a way of blaming consumers
 But BP was careful never to suggest a boycott. 

 Rees thinks "the [footprint] idea can still be useful... 
 if the climate movement reclaimed the concept and took it [away from] oil companies." 


 "Short car trips...use a shocking amount of energy" 

 The  Federal  Energy  Regulatory  Commission  approves  permits  for  fossil-fuel  facilities 

 based  upon  citizens  having  a  "need"  for  them. 

 "Need"  means  how  often  you  and  I  purchase  the  polluting  product. 

 "Odds are that your 

 biggest single source 

 of ghg emissions air travel." 

 "Every  time  we 

 shop  we're  voting 

 with  our  wallet

 "A single gallon 

 of gasoline or jet fuel 

 creates over 20 pounds 

 of carbon dioxide". 

 In  general,  the  better-off better-educated  you  are, 

 the  bigger  your  opportunity  to  radically  reduce  your  pollution  output

 What  is  your  fair  share

 Try your hand at the pollution footprint budget game? 

 Peter Kalmus works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  In his book, Being the Change, he writes: 

 “Burning fossil fuels should be unacceptable socially…burning fossil fuels harms others.”

 “If you're a climate activist…why would you want to…[burn] more fossil fuels?" 

 Project Drawdown came up with a quiz about greenhouse pollution.  Test your knowledge

 Our  news  media  often  describe  global  warming  as  a  creature  that  bothers  us, 

 rather  than  as  an  atmospheric  condition  which  we  create

 "Every energy reduction we...make is a gift to...all life on Earth." 

 Wanna leave...footprints on the sands of time?  Make a commitment. 

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