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People with money:


“buy more goods, 

 own more cars,

 have larger houses 

 that take more energy to heat and cool.” 


  And spend more time flying.

 “ Consuming…is akin to polluting.” 


“The wealthy bear the greatest responsibility.


"Climate policies should target wealthy polluters.”

gdp-per-capita-worldbank (1).png

 So let’s blame the “rich”?   Fair enough, but who is “rich” actually? 

 Could it be yourself

  •  The "top 50%"  of income earners (USA) receive more than $41,740 annually. 

  •  "Middle-income" (world population) is between $15k and $30,000 per year. 

  •  Many white (USA) households get more than $100,000 yearly. 

  •  While non-white US households average under $20k. 

  •  "An income of $38,000 is enough to put someone in the world's richest 10%." 

 “We  feel  some  angst  over  the  disconnect  between  how   we  wish  to  see  ourselves  versus  how  we  really  are.” 

  •  "The annual [USA] income for farmworkers’ families usually does 

  •  not exceed $24,500.” 

  •  “This...increases pressure on farmworkers to endure exploitive 

  •  and dangerous heat conditions." 

  •  "Black and Latino people...are disproportionately burdened with air 

  •  pollution in the USA." 

  •  "Indigenous populations are suffering."  In Alaska, the worsening weather 

  •  "exacerbates existing social problems, including food security, 

  •  overcrowded housing and struggles with mental health and addiction."  

"As the earth warms...more air-conditioning is needed...[but]   most people are too poor to afford" it.

 "We are on track for...a catastrophe...visited   primarily upon the world’s poor by the world’s rich." 




  •  DOUBLE that number don't have access to 

  •  an indoor toilet

  •  I take these things for granted; don’t you? 


  •  "The poor 'live in neighborhoods with   the greatest exposure to...extreme   weather events'.” 


 "We [shouldn't be] more concerned with generating profits than saving people,” 

  Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley (March 2022). 

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