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 Consider this an invitation: to take responsibility for the pollution you generate. 

 You can dramatically reduce the amount of chemical waste you put into our atmosphere. 

 How to start? 

 Go public. 

 Send a short note to everyone you know of your new commitment (see Sample Letters). 

 Include a personal-pollution estimate, and a guess about how much you'll continue to pollute. 

 Cut your toxic pollution output (in half?) in the coming months. 

 Provide updates to friends, acquaintances and family.  Let them know of your travails, but that no matter what,   you have given your word to do this.  Despite whatever difficulties, you are going to diminish (by 2/3rds?)   your dirty effluent - come hell or high water. 

 Let your peers, co-workers and neighbors hold you accountable. 


 And make sure to cc your communications to government, community, and corporate leaders. 

 Ask them, beg them, or demand of them that they join the boycott also. 


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