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June 20, 2021  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"a 24-year-old man and his 3-year-old son were killed near Tuscaloosa...when a tree fell on their home."


June 26, 2021  Saint Paul, Oregon

The farmworker " a heat wave baked the Pacific Northwest in all-time, record-high temperatures."


August 21, 2021  Humphreys County, Tennessee

"The 7-month-old twins who died in catastrophic flooding in Tennessee...were 'swept away'."



September 2, 2021  Middlesex County, New Jersey

"Two men were swept into a 36-inch storm sewer pipe, but only one of the men was rescued."


March 18, 2022  Eastland County, Texas

"An Eastland County Deputy was tragically killed while trying to save citizens from devastating fires."


April 22, 2022  Washington, D.C.

He was apparently trying "'to bring attention to [the] climate crisis'.”



June 25, 2022  Pasadena, California

"a UPS driver in Southern California...died from heatstroke after finishing his last delivery."


July 15, 2022  Hardin, Montana


"Six people died - two of them children...The cause [was] a sudden and intense...dust storm."


July 29, 2022  Knott County, Kentucky


"they climbed onto the roof...[and] eventually guided their children to a tree. But the waters were too strong."


September 29, 2022  New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"Ms. Argo’s...husband, 67 years old and 250 pounds, had fallen and hit his head, and she could not lift him."


January 9, 2023  San Luis Obispo County, California

"Kyle’s mother took him out of his car seat...but lost hold of her son in the coursing stream."


August 30, 2017  Houston, Texas


"a 34-year-veteran of the Houston Police Department drowned in his car in [Hurricane] Harvey floodwaters."


April 14, 2018  Brooklyn, New York

David Buckel committed suicide to protest: "Pollution [which] ravages our planet...& air made unhealthy by fossil fuels."


July 28, 2018  Redding, California

"Husband mourns loving wife, great-grandkids who died in Carr Fire." 


July 12, 2019  Douglass Township, Pennsylvania

"A pregnant mother and her son were found dead in their car on Thursday night amid...flooding." 


January 24, 2020  New South Wales, Australia

“Three Americans who died fighting an Australian bushfire...have been identified by their employer.”


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