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2.  Trees, lawns, yards, plants, pets


When human civilization began around 10,000 years ago, 57% of the world's habitable land was covered by forests


Today that area is down to 37%. 


In Asia, (Burma) "unsustainable deforestation has burgeoned. The main driver is profit, marked by illegal timber sales".

In South America, (Brazil) "Cattle farming [is] driving the logging...90% of deforestation is illegal...The pace of deforestation is picking up."

In Africa, (DRC) "Forests in the...Congo have been disappearing at increasing speed...if people don’t have electricity, they cut trees."

More on forests and wildlife can be found here.

Did you figure out your pollution profile?

20150206_074641 (1).jpg

Do you have a yard?  Tree prices go from $10 - $1,000.


Like any plant, they need the most care early-on: treesaregood

​How trees help:  global-warming-plant-trees.  If you don’t have a yard, consider:  california-climate-trees-map.

Keep in mind though, that trees alone won't solve the pollution problem, "trees are not a cure-all".

"Lawns can climate change through...fertilizersherbicidesirrigation, and gas-powered lawnmowers."

Ok so lawns are bad;  how about growing food instead?

"Fruit trees are surprisingly easy to grow."

Thanks to my father-in-law's foresight, we have a few growing in our back yard right now.

Another idea:  plant plants that harbor beneficial insects!

Here are a couple of links to vegetable gardening sites:



Unfortunately, meat eating pets have big "pawprints".

"Pets...have a huge environmental impact."

See "Lower Your Pet’s Environmental Pawprint."

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