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9.  Smoke


 Calculate your pollution contribution!

100,000,000 "people could die from tobacco over the 21st century." 

Do you voluntarily put pollution into your own lungs?  Do you want to live a better life - with clean air every day?

A critical factor for never smoking cigarettes again is your social group.  If they want to save your health, and you are dead serious (not “trying” to quit), your chances could be good.  

Want more anti-smoking help?

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“'Tobacco products are the most littered item on the planet, containing over 7,000 toxic chemicals, which leech into our environment when discarded,' said Dr. R...Krech, Director of Health Promotion" at the World Health Organization

daily-smoking-prevalence-bounds (1).png

Cigars and cigarettes aren't the only way to inhale pollution from smoke.  There's also camp fires, marijuana, fireplaces, incense, wood-stoves, wild-fires, vaping, burning leaves, etc:

“The miniscule size of fine particles allows them to pass deep into the lungs where they can enter the bloodstream and trigger serious conditions like asthma, strokes, and heart attacks.”

"Wood burning stoves in urban areas are responsible for almost half of people’s exposure to cancer-causing chemicals found in air pollution."

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