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If  25%  of  the  US  economy  is  tied  to  pollution, 

                                                    what'll  happen  to   employees  once  polluting  stops? 

Many  planners  propose  a  “Just  Transition"  to  include

                                                  government  funded. . ."retraining. . .and . . .early  retirement." 

 These  planners  know  that  previous  attempts  at  “Just Transitions”  have  not  gone  well. 

 California  labor  leaders  say, “The...just  transition  is  pure  fiction.” 

                                                  “The  so-called  just  transition  has  not  become  a   reality.” 

 A  2021  report  suggests  that  policy  planners  have  been  naive,

                           “I  don’t  think  that  they...have  a  sense  of  the  enormity  of  the  problem.” 

“Replacing  [oil]  rig  work  with  solar  panel  manufacturing  is...harder  than  it  sounds.” 

 In  Coal  Country,  these  plans  face  "deep  skepticism":  

       “Job  retraining...[is]  difficult  to  pull  off...and  often  yields  jobs  that  don’t  pay  as  well."

 "Few places have gracefully navigated the end of fossil fuels.” 

 Who  might  lose  pollution-related  employment,  and  where  might  they  end  up? 

“‘Oil’s  gonna  fight  tooth  and  nail  till  the  end — they  don’t  believe  that  they’re  gonna  end...soon’.”

 “Commercial aviation  [is]  nearly  $1.5  trillion  in  U.S.  economic  activity  and...10  million  jobs.”

 "Warming could affect industry."  “ ‘American...sports leagues...are...far behind’,” so are musicians,

 comedians, and other performers.  "Relentless unsustainable."

 "EVs require far fewer parts than those with internal combustion engines, which means...fewer factory assembly jobs." 

 Car companies buy more than $10 billion worth of advertising (per year) from media organizations.

 The beef cattle and dairy industries may make up as much as 2.5% of the US economy. 

 "It takes far more people to operate a coal-powered electricity plant than it takes to operate a wind farm.

 Many solar farms often make do without a single worker on site."

 “The  two  occupations  with  the  fastest  projected  job  growth  in  the  US...

 will  be  solar  photovoltaic  installers  and  wind  turbine  service  technicians.” 

"The  median...wage  for  a  solar-pv  installer...was $44,890, 

 while  that  of  a  wind-turbine  technician  was  $52,910. 

 [ 2019 / annual / USA ] 

 Median  wages  in  the  fossil-fuel  power  sector...paid  between  $70,310  and  $81,460." 

 Just  Transitions  may  be  unusual,  but  they  do  happen: 


 Virginia -- “Siemens  Gamesa...will  invest  $200  million  to  build   


                the  first  U.S.  offshore  wind   turbine  blade  manufacturing  facility...creating  310  jobs.” 



 Illinois  -- "In  2012,  we  decided  to  buy  the  factory  for  ourselves  and  fire  the  boss. 


              We  now  own  the  plant  together  and  run  it  democratically." 



 Spain  -- “Unions  only  agreed  to  Just  Transition  after  the  government  guaranteed  


              both  early  retirement  and  massive  investment  to  create  alternative  jobs.” 


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