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 Weather  Words 


 A - the Accumulation of greenhouse gases in the Atmosphere is leading to an increase in glacial Ablation                  



 B - due to changes in the usual flow of the polar vortex, there will be more Bombogenesis Blizzards at lower latitudes  



 C - with more Cloud formation (water vapor is a greenhouse gas) we'll see more frequent, more intense Cyclones       



 D - also expect more:  Droughts, Dust storms, Downpours, and extreme meteorological Disturbances                          



 E - the climate Emergency is leading to more rapid/intense water Evaporation                                                         



 F - the Forecast is for more Flash Floods, Fire tornados, Flash droughts, and Funnel clouds                                         



 G - the effect of Global warming is causing more Gales, Gusts, and Gully washers                                                  


 H - with more of our pollution in the Hydrosphere, expect more Haboobs, Hurricanes, Hail storms and Heat waves     


 I - melting Ice means more gaseous and liquid H2O in the world-wide weather system                                              



 J - with ongoing increases in atmospheric pollutants, previously predictable Jet stream patterns are being disrupted      


 K - an increase in atmospheric Kelvin temperature coincides with an increase in Knots of cyclones and hurricanes       



 L - expect an increase in frequency of Low pressure systems "commonly associated with inclement weather"                



 M - Meteorological predictions of a global increase in Moisture means more Monsoons are likely                              


 N - a warmer atmosphere leads to more Nimbostratus clouds bringing heavier rainfall                                             


 O - the Outlook is for the Ozone layer to develop more Open holes as global warming worsens                               



 P - all of our Pollutants are causing Problems for Permafrost and Polar regions, plus an increase in Precipitation            


 Q - Questions persist as to how much pollution you will produce in the remainder of your lifetime                              


 R - spiral Rainbands of a hurricane Rotate in a counterclockwise direction in the earth's northern hemisphere              



 S - expect an increase in SandStorms, SnowSqualls and Storm-Surges because of the Smoke and Smog we produce    


 T - also forecast are higher Temperatures to go along with more frequent Tropical Turbulance, Tornados, and Thunder  


 V - an increase of world-wide water Vapor will lead to times of decreased Visibility while increasing Vortex winds       



 W - Worsening Weather will include more WhirlWinds, extreme Water cycle events, and generally Warmer Winters  


 X - more frequent eXteme weather events are eXpected to result in more injuries as measured by X-ray machine usage  


 Y - whY are we doing this to ourselves?  Do the Youth of the world create as much pollution as the previously Young?  


 Z - animals from Zooplankton to Zebras are suffering and dying because of our pollution.  Please help!                      



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