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 Pollution alters patterns of rainfall, evaporation, and   the hydrologic cycle.  For more on this, go to Weather


"Around 150 million metric tons of plastic are already floating in our oceans."

Scientists have been studying possible “ingestion of microplastic by small planktonic organisms.”

"Half of the oxygen we as humans breathe comes from the phytoplankton that live in our oceans."

 Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is causing ocean acidification

 "Acidity makes it hard for...corals and some shellfish and plankton species to...survive,

 [which] could potentially lead to drastic reductions in fish stocks." 

 "Many...coral reefs that [had] exhibited 70–80% live coral...

 presently exhibit less than...10%." 

 Also terrible is Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing: 

 "On top of...pillaging fish stocksIUU fishing is associated with organized crime...

 drugs and weapons trafficking.  Human rights abuses and forced labor...are common." 

 For more on this go to Corruption

 "The ocean around the equator has already become too hot for many species to survive." 


 "Millions of [groundwater] wells are at risk of running dry" in the USA, China, India & Pakistan. 

 Worryingly, China doesn't get along with India, which doesn't get along with Pakistan

 Unfriendly neighbors Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia also live in an already dry region.  

 For  a  historical  map  of  water  as  a  weapon  of  violence,  click  on  the  "Water Conflict Chronology". 

 "Water  is  becoming  increasingly  scarce – 

 by  2050  about  half  a  billion  people  are  likely  to  be  subject  to  water-stress.

 As  with  clean  air,  access  to  clean  water  will  be  partly  determined  by  economic  inequality. 

  “  experiencing  its  worst  drought  in  four  decades.”  

  In  some  spots,  there's  no  water  for  crops,  no  water  for  livestock,  and  no  water  for  humans.  

  It's  “because  of  no  rain...and  whenever  it  does  rain,  it's  never  enough  rain.”  

  Without  tap  water,  people  turn  to  bottled  water.  

  "Roughly  32-54  million  barrels  of  oil  went  into  producing...bottled  water."  (USA  2007)  

  "It  takes  [7]  liters  of  water  to  make  a...half-liter  PET  plastic bottle."  


 This  not-really--recyclable  bottle  will  end  up  in  a  dump,  in  our  air  (incineration),  or  the  ocean

 Private companies (Coca-Cola, Nestle) have tried to take advantage of poor people's efforts to find drinking water.  Investors have seen some benefit from this, but the less-well-off, generally, have not.


 "Water pollution causes   approximately 14,000 

 deaths per day, 

 mostly due to contamination of   drinking water by untreated   sewage." 

 There are 3 countries whose citizens use more water, per person, than all others:  Niger, Bolivia, and the USA

 For tips on how to conserve clean water, check out The Wildlife Trusts, or Waterwise

  How  much  water  does  it  take  to  make  beer?  

  Depending  on  location,  the  ratio  may  be:  300  to  1,  or  45  to  1. 

  Soda-pop?  More  than  200  to  one,  including  the  plastic  bottle.  

Agriculture  is  both  a  cause  and  a  casualty  of  water  scarcity."  

 Crops  such  as  coffee,  almonds,  cotton,  and  rice  use  huge  amounts  of  water.

 "A  quarter-pound  hamburger  [uses]  462  gallons  of  water  [including]...cattle  feed... 

  a [cotton]...T-shirt takes 712 gallons." (see FoodShopping)   Discover your water footprint - Here  

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