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12.  Other urgent steps

 Join a group:   There are so many climate-conservation groups to choose from.  Here's a tiny sample:



 global witness,

 end climate silence

 indigenous climate action,

 ethical consumer,


 Move your money: 


Withdraw your funds from the 4 banks below;

deposit the money into a local credit union or find a bank via bankforgood.

The top four "worst banks" since the Paris Agreement:

 - JPMorgan Chase

 - Citi

 - Wells Fargo

 - Bank of America 

Change your investments:  do you have a 401k?

Divesting is not as complicated as reinvesting. 

To re-invest look for impact investing or ESG funds,

but beware of "green-washing"! 

For help: or

Green America is one of the oldest of these

organizations, but there are several others.

Note the fees involved before you re-invest.  

Many financial consultants, like car dealers, will try

to get you to buy whatever they have for sale!

For more on money, go to Profits and Investments.



 Lobby decision-makers:   Business and governmental leaders are not hard to find.  Write, call, visit, email.  See the Sample Letters page.


Like with the Solutions, and voting, one individual might not have much influence, but many individuals do. has contact information for representatives at all levels of government. 

Start by thanking them for the work they do,

or for taking the time to listen to you.   

 Learn:   It's easy to get accurate information these days.


Follow the links on this site, ask your local librarian,

or visit the Library page.

To join a monthly global-warming book club,

send an email here.   


Finally, take pride in what you do.  Start with one Solution (the car?), get it done,

and build on the momentum.  Help is available at Contact

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