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 Pollution Calculators 

Calculator Instructions:

1.)  Skim through the calculators quickly.  Guess at your answers; don't be precise. 

2.)  Don't get distracted by offset-selling or donation-asking! 


​​ Focus on how you create pollution. 

 Is it mostly through your automobile?  Airfare?  


How to Boycott:

1.  go through the Calculators 

2.  tackle the Solutions

3.  make a Commitment

4.  tell everyone, including politicalbusiness & media leaders


                      Each of the four calculators can be confusing.  Don't worry.  Stick with fast'n'sloppy estimates.


This first one was developed in the UK (Britain).


 - for the car, estimate number of miles

 - in the Flights section, substitute the US for the UK, or make a guess: 

 1. Carbon Footprint Calculator  

 When done, come back to! 


 2. Ecological Footprint Calculator:  

 - hit  x  (for English),


 - after sliding to each answer, click on the right arrow  >  

 - no need to sign up for anything 

 - the results/summary is confusing  -  skip it  -  then return here ( 


 3. WWF (UK) Footprint Calculator

 - click on the MEASURE YOUR IMPACT box

 - answer the questions. (think of a BRITISH POUND as approximately the same as a US DOLLAR)

 - skip the question about location

 - note the "BREAKDOWN" of how many tons of pollution you generate in a year, and which way you do so.


Finally, for a more comprehensive, USA-oriented calculator, try: 

 4. CoolClimate Network Household Calculator 

 - answer the initial "get started" questions, then click the airplane (Travel) icon

 - enter how many miles per year (of each type), then hit NEXT

 - guess at the Home questions

 - slide the Food answer bars as appropriate

 - slide the final 2 (Shopping) answer bars, and return to visit boycott pollution



 "Quantifying  how  takes 

                to  support  one’s  lifestyle 

                                helps  us...learn  what  we  can  do." 

                                                                  (from Science and the Global Environment, 2017;  by Alan McIntosh and Jennifer Pontius)

You can re-take the calculator questionnaires at any time,


 but your personal pollution production won't start to decline 

until you make Solutions happen. 

Climate Change
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