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 The long-term weather forecast is for more intense droughts alternating with more intense downpours


 “A Hotter Future Is Certain...How Hot Is Up to Us.” 

     The First World, part one - 

 Some will demand higher sea walls and higher border walls. 

     The First World, part two - 

 “Eventually the secured enclaves...will also succumb to collapse in chaos." 

In 2019 "more than 11,000 scientists...[agreed that] climate change...could lead to 'untold human suffering'." 

In 2021 this group emphasized the need for six changes:

 "(1) ...eliminating  fossil  fuels  and  shifting  to  renewables

 (2) ...slashing  [other  pollutants:]  black  carbon  (soot),  methane,  and  hydrofluorocarbons; 

 (3) ...restoring  and  permanently  protecting  Earth's  ecosystems... 

 (4) ...switching  to  mostly  plant-based  diets,  reducing  food  waste,  and  improving  cropping  practices; 


 (5) ...moving  from...overconsumption  by  the  wealthy,  to...prices  [which]  reflect...environmental  costs... 

 (6)  planning  and  supporting  education  and  rights  for...girls  and...women." 


 Projected future high temperatures 

 "if we emissions of heat-trapping gasses" 


 Projected future high temperatures 

 "if...emissions of heat-trapping gasses continue increasing" 


 "It our own hearts and minds, where the climate battle will be waged." 

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