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 The Biden White House said its "'Administration is not fighting   the oil and gas sector’.” 

 "Democrats had originally sought to include electric   charging stations, but Republicans, many of   whom represent fossil-fuel-producing states, were wary." 

 “Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm   was a surprise guest at an oil industry   conference, where she reassured the 

 audience: ‘We want to be a   partner;...traditional fossil energy is   going to remain important’.” 

​ US climate envoy John Kerry:  "Ultimately, the market is   going to make the decisions, not the government." 

 Former President " Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Union,  

 'We know the right thing to do

 but we don’t know how to get re-elected if we’ve done it'.” 

 "California Democrats [have been]   paying lip service to the crisis while   refusing to take...bold action." 

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