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There’s not much good news in this weather report, but if you're worried about human extinction -

it’s not happening.  Although civilization is at risk of collapse, it won't be any time soon...hopefully.


Focus on the present.  

Suffering and misery are here today pollution is worsening current atmospheric conditions.

So why not reverse course, starting right now? 

The bad news is grim enough without overstating the consequences.  Here’s what to expect:

 The  above  items  were  easy  to  "predict"  because  they've  already  happened. 

 Governments  can  collapse  following  crop  failures.  Famines  are  spreading. 

 In  2010 - 2011,  wheat  harvests  declined  due  to  droughts  and  floods. 

 Subsequent  shortages  sparked  the  upheaval  known  as  The  Arab  Spring. 

 "Remedies" may make problems worse: electricity for air conditioning can come from fossil-fuels. 

  •  “Air-conditioning...[uses]  huge  amounts  of  electricity…when  power  goes  out  on  a  hot  day,  people  die.”

  •  Drought-caused  “low  water  levels...limit...[electricity  from]  hydroelectric  power  plants.” 

 Oil producers can read the writing on the wall.  What are they thinking? 

famine one
  •  “Petrostates will fall—or so says conventional wisdom” 

  •  “The worst-hit countries could enter ‘doom loops of shrinking hydrocarbon revenues, [and] political turmoil’.” 

 The  wondrous  ability  of  oceans  and  forests  to  "digest"  CO2  is  going  bad. 



               Join the Boycott.  Please. 

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