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"Wildlife  crime  is  a  big  business

  Run  by  
dangerous  international 
  networks, wildlife...are  trafficked 
  much  like  illegal  drugs  and  arms."

"Some  30,000  African  elephants are     slaughtered  every  year...

 the  pace  of  killing  is  not  slowing. 

 Most  illegal  ivory  goes  to  China." 

 Much  of  the  world's  wildlife  is  in  serious trouble: 

"Starting  in  the  1800s,  industrialization  drove  up   extinction  rates  and  has  continued  to  do so." 


 For info on   marine life and   oceans -   see Water or 



 "keep ecosystems functioning." 

 Pesticides kill beneficial bugs,   (i.e. - butterflies, bees) 

 and poison "the biosphere." 

 Today,  across  the  entire   world,  "there  are 

 9  gigatons  of  plastic,   and   4  gigatons  of  animals.



 "The United States and Canada


 which are home to 760 bird species


 have lost around three billion birds." 

 Trees and oceans absorb CO2 in gigantic amounts, but these bio-functions are being rapidly degraded: 

 "Since Procter & Gamble’s historic shareholder vote...the company has no plans to end forest destruction."  

 "The expansion of palm oil plantations...corresponded to significant rises in vector-borne disease infections."

 "The production of palm has played an increasing...role in the deforestation of Southeast Asian rainforests."  


 When  forests  burn  it's  not 

just  trees  that  suffer: 

 "The  animals  are  on  fire." 

"Sprawling wildfires...are   producing record amounts of   greenhouse gases."

 "80%  of  logging  [in  the  Amazon]  is  to  make  space  for  cattle  ranching

 [Brazil]  world's  largest  beef  producer.   Demand  for  the  meat  is  on  the  rise." 

 "As  [of]  the  1960s,  80%  of  [Indonesia]  was  rainforest.   Now,  only  half  of  the  forest." 

 "Since  the  [Myanmar]  military  seized  control...deforestation  has  burgeoned." 

 Some  "offsets"  used  for  conservation  of  wilderness  in  the  Third  World  are  mired  in  controversy   because  of  the  displacement  of  Indigenous  people. 

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