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Measure your current pollution production: with the calculators.

3.  Airports, airlines, airplanes, air pollution...just say no

This could be the biggest cut to your emissions!  ​

Each person flying coach creates approximately one pound of CO2 per mile (similar to a car).

Is taking that flight, with the accompanying killer pollution, absolutely necessary?


Jet engines burn a lot of kerosene and emit

nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and soot, plus CO2.  

Most airlines offer passengers a way to offset the pollution, but:

Offsets 'do almost nothing to tackle the emissions from flying',”

said Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines.  


So should-you-fly-or-drive?

Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and other apps are available for video-calls.  

If you’re not in a hurry, Amtrak has some great

views of the USA.  Some of the photos on this site were taken

from a train window.  For more on train travel, see The Man in Seat 61.

And for shorter trips, why not the bus?


Or try out your new EV:  tips-for-your-summer-ev-road-trip

To see brief stories from non-flyers, plus other good news, go to or noflyclimatesci


An airplane in the the sky is pollution in the sky.  Which airports are the worst?  Go to: airporttracker.

trains 'n' buses

For more on airplanes, go to travel/tourism

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