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 Scroll through the slide show to learn about causes of the global weather catastrophe.  The horrendous, heart-wrenching 

 consequences are forecast to gradually, but continually, worsen. 

 Local “air pollution is now the fourth-highest cause of death worldwide, trailing smoking, high blood pressure, and diet". 

 1.  Pollution is poison. 

 2.  Poison is lethal or harmful - to plants, animals, and people. 

 3.  You and I have made a lot of pollution, and we can cut back by a lot. 

 Some of the Solutions cost little or no money, but they might cost you something else:  social status

 If your relatives, neighbors, and the people in tv commercials haven't quit their pollution addiction, why should you? 

 How popular will these life-style changes have to become before you join the effort? 

 What will you say to your cousin, colleague, or guy across the street when they ask why did you buy an electric car? 

 Or why are you avoiding airplanes? 

 Or can you explain again why you don't eat beef? 

 Will you say:  I’m tired of the smoke/smog/soot; I like clean fresh air? 

 Richard Trumka, formerly President of the United Mine Workers 

 “Does your plan for fighting climate change ask more from sick, retired coal miners 

 than it does from you and your family?  If it does, then you need to think again.”​​ 

 Might you say:  I want to protect my kids and grandkids? 

 Sherry Listgarten:  "Inaction is contagious... ​

 Similarly, action can be contagious... ​​

 We need to be optimistic and encouraging, and to inspire others." 


Could you say:  I don’t want to have regrets as the weather gets worse? ​​​​​

 Rachel Maddow, Blowout 

 "...the unimaginably lucrative and corrupt oil-and-gas industry...the greed and incompetence... 

 The oil-and-gas industry has weakened democracies in developed and developing countries, fouled oceans and rivers, 

 and propped up authoritarian thieves and killers." 

 Or maybe you'll say:  I made a commitment, and I mean to keep it. 

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