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Guilt, Grief,

Anxiety, Gratitude

 Pollution harms mental health: 

 "A 2019 review of studies...found that long-   term exposure to bad air was associated with   depression, anxiety, and suicide risk." 

 "Children and adolescents, with brains still   developing, are especially vulnerable." 



 “Eco-anxiety is a natural response to a threat...Climate-informed 

 therapists...encourage activism, and time in nature, as a way to cope." 


 "Studying ecosystems...takes an emotional toll on researchers." 


 "Elizabeth  Kübler-Ross  conceptualized  5  stages  of  grief

  1.  Denial ...[People]  believe  the  diagnosis  is...mistaken,  and  cling  to  a  false,  preferable  reality.                       

  2.  Anger When...denial  cannot  continue,  they  become  frustrated...'How  can  this  happen  to  me?'                      

  3.  Bargaining [This]...stage  involves  the  hope  that  the  individual  can  avoid  [the]  cause  of  grief.                       

  4.  Depression 'Why  bother  with  anything?'...[one  may]...spend...time  mournful  and  sullen.                                  

  5.  Acceptance --- A person's assent to the reality of a situation." 

 "'We are not going to be able to save all the things we love’."​    “Grieving is an important part of the process.” 

 What to do? 

 Crying, hugging, and reaching out to others have helped me - 

 plus taking action.


 Try the Solutions.  Won't it feel good to accomplish something? 

 From the American Psychological Association: 

 "Climate solutions are available [that]...

 people can...integrate into their daily lives. help to curb the stress." 

 You are not alone.  

“Living like climate change is real and that

 we can do something about it...can help shift cultural norms.”  


 If you’ve already seen death and devastation,

 or you have a sense of what’s coming,


 why not take a moment to appreciate where you are right now? 


"Guilt involves feeling distress and remorse regarding the morally injurious event (e.g., 'I did something bad.').  


 Shame is when the belief about the event generalizes to the whole self (e.g., 'I am bad because of what I did.')"


 Forgiveness is recommended...

Besides causing death,  pollution also causes

misery for the living. 

The more pollution

you help prevent,

the fewer will suffer. 

You can do this.

 To find counselors/therapists in your area: 

 goodtherapy  or  psychologytoday 


 for "climate" specialists:  climatepsychology 

 for treatment facilities:  findtreatment 

 crisis/suicide-related:  speakingofsuicide 

 or call 988 

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