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“A boycott can send a message about a company’s leadership to its shareholders.”

  Boycott advice:

 Starting a Boycott, 

 Boycott Organizer's Guide, 

 Organizing a Boycott 

mypollutionsolutions/boycottpollution photo attribution:

Media from Wix;  my own;  under a Creative Commons license;  used with permission;  courtesy of the U.S.

E.P.A., N.O.A.A., D.O.D., or N.A.S.A.;

thanks to Unsplash; or from Wikipedia/Wikimedia

Video via: Media from Wix. 

Graphs, Charts: Our World in Data -

Published in Our World in Data / Online; 

or from the U.S. N.O.A.A., or E.P.A.;

or courtesy of the U.N. Intergovernmental

Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

No copyright infringement is intended.

 Appreciation Time! 

 BIG Thank-You's to: Stephanie, D.S.R.T., George, Pria, 

 Bill, Debbie, Alex, Jocelyn, John, Matt, Joel, Kevin, Pat, 

 Kofi, Gwyn, Paula, Ezster, Peggy, Rafael, Kaki, Deb, Rachel,

 Diquan, Tara, Bob, Susan, Walter, Nancy, Terry, Jeanne, David,

 Cyndi, Jim, Molly, Bob, Janet, Tom, and...Allan 

less pollution  =  fewer deaths

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