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6.  Use birth control 

"Our human population...explosion

...continues to drive all the major environmental problems". 


The Center for Biological Diversity has responded to this with its Endangered Species Condoms project - giving away thousands of condoms.

The generational ramifications seem to be: "the summed emissions of a person’s descendants...may far exceed the lifetime emissions produced by the original parent."  


Re-visit the pollution calculators?

Said another way:  "Having a child...means that person going on to produce a lifetime of carbon emissions"

There are many birth control methods.  WebMD and the Cleveland Clinic have comprehensive contraception information pages.  The webpage at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is more succinct.

21st-century long-acting contraceptives have been a marvel for many women.  Beyond what individuals or couples can do, look into what the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has been doing.  "Benefits follow from reducing unsought pregnancies: better health and education for women, more financial security for families, healthier babies..."


For a Frequently Asked Questions format regarding birth-control options, go to:

Gentlemen, I've had a vasectomy.  It was low-cost and almost pain-free (no lie!).  When you get home,

don't forget the ice.  After a couple of weeks, you'll never have to worry about an unwelcome pregnancy again.

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