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 Corruption  is,  gas,  and  mining

 “The  nature  of  Big  Oil  and  to  make  money.” 

 “Corruption  [is]  at  the  heart  of...the  harm  we’re  doing.” 


 There's  no  government  in  charge  of  the  whole  world. 

                         There  are  national  governments,  regional  governments, 

                                              many  government  officials,  and  countless  opportunities  for  corruption. 

  •  New  York - “a  scheme  to  defraud  the...government  out  of  gasoline  taxes.” 

  •  Ohio - “accused  of  accepting  $61  million  from  FirstEnergy  Corp.” 

 “Oil corruption exposes how corporations 

  help destabilize [the] Middle East.” 



 “Royal Dutch Shell...[was brought up                  on]  bribery Nigeria.”    

  There  are  names  for  it:  "environmental  crime"  or  "eco-corruption".  

  •  Brazil:  “Crooks...sell stolen gasoline…[and] launder cash...Gas station graft is lucrative.” 

  •  Bolivia:  “Land trafficking corruption has plagued successive governments.” 

  •  Ecuador: “The oil company knowingly dumped...toxic waste water and...crude oil.”

 What  happens  in  the  middle  of  the  ocean? 

 Besides  illegal  fishing,  there's  also  illegal  mining,  illegal  oil  sales illegal  timber  sales, 

 and  the  illegal  money  laundering  related  to  all  of  the pollution profiteering. 

 An  organization  that  exposes  the  cruelty,  graft,  and  toxic  dumping  is  Global  Witness

ocean corruption
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