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 News Media 

  “'The  media’s  failure  to  connect  the  dots…is  [partly]  why 

                                                                                  Americans  don’t  perceive  [it]  to  be  a…priority issue'.” 

By Kasa Fue - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

 Commercial  media  would  not exist,  financially,  without  the  commercials. 

 The  percentage  of  advertisements  that  come  from  pollution-producing  companies  could  be  25%.

 Two  of  the  top  U.S.  purchasers  of  ads  are  car  companies:  GM  at  $3.2Bn,  and  Ford  at  $2.5Bn. 

 As  a  media  business  director would  you  allow  truth-telling  stories  about  polluters - 

 if  those  same  polluters  were  providing  vital  advertising  money?   Maybe  sometimes,  but  how  often? 

 NPR  and  PBS  are  funded  by  government  (as  well  as  “underwriters” - who  are  really  advertisers). 

 "ExxonMobil  is  among  NPR's  financial  supporters." 

  •  Did you know, 

  •  both “The  NY  Times  and  The  Wash.  Post...have  internal  studios  [who  made  ads]  for  Big  Oil”? 

      How well does the news media cover stories about pollution & weather? 

  •   “Journalism’s  failure  to  properly  report  the  climate  story...[is]  of  its  great  humiliations.” 


 Maybe  the  best  the  commercial  news  media  can  do  was  the  12/2019  edition 

 of  TIME  magazine,  where  Greta  Thunberg  was  named  PERSON  of  the  YEAR


 Time  mentioned  weather-crisis  causes,  plus  noted  why  flying  is  bad:                    

“roughly  124,000  flights...every  day  [produce  many]  tons  of  [ghg]  gases.”


 They  included  an  entire  paragraph  about  the  flight-shame  movement.               

 They  criticized  some  of  Greta’s  suggestions.   “Thunberg  has  no  magic  solution.” 


 But there was also:                                


  •  - a full page ad for a foreign airline    

  •  - 1 page of ads for car dealers          

  •  - a 1 page ad for car loans                        

  •  - a 3 page ad for a lung cancer medication  

  •  - 1 full page ad for a car insurance company 

  •  - a ½ page photo of a car mechanic (with oil and grease) about a different medication 

  •  - a full page ad for international tourism                                       

  •  - 2 ads for banks which, partly, invest in pollution-related companies 

  •  - and 1 full page ad for an American airline                                 

   Will  media  coverage  of  pollution  stories  improve?   Maybe  not:


                                   "'The multitudes remained plunged in ignorance...and their leaders, seeking their votes, did not dare to undeceive them.’" 

  Winston Churchill

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