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 "Noah...the  hero  of  the  biblical  Flood  story  in  of  Genesis." 

 "The  story...has  close  affinities  to  Babylonian  traditions  of  apocalyptic  floods."

 Chinese River Flood 

 "The flood on Asia’s third-longest river...matches tales of a 'Great Flood' 

 that marks the start of Chinese civilization with the Xia dynasty.

 Aboriginal Peoples - Australia 

 "The  Rainbow  Serpent  is...the  giver  of  life,  due  to  its  connection  to  water, 

 however  it  can  be  a  destructive  force  if  enraged."


 "a  woman  in  Greek  mythology [was] cursed  to  utter 

 true  prophecies,  but  never  to  be  believed." 


 Japanese/Mongol Storms 

 "the  kamikaze,  or  'divine  wind,'  that  twice  saved  Japan  from  Kublai  Khan's  Mongol  fleets..."

 Native American (When Raven Was Killed) 

 "They  went  to  the  river,  but  it  was  dry.   They  went  to  a  lake,  but  it  was  empty. 

 There  was  no  water  to  be  found!   Then  the  people  began  to  get  thirsty."

 Easter Island 

 "The island’s fragile ecosystem had been pushed beyond what was sustainable."

 Egypt/Eastern Mediterranean 

 Causes of "the  cataclysm:  the  invasion  of  ancient  Egypt  in  1177  BCE  by  [the]...'SeaPeoples'  climate  change,  famines,  droughts,  rebellions,  earthquakes."

 Greenland Vikings 

 "their  way  of  life  would  have  been  impossible  to  maintain. 

 ...essentially  victims  of  globalization  and  a  pandemic."


 "The  decline  of...the  enigmatic  Indus  Valley  Civilization" 

 has  been  attributed  to  long-term  drought.


 "Waters  came,  covered  his  farm,  and  threatened  to  cover  the  whole  earth." 

 Courlander, Harold. A Treasury of African Folklore, Marlowe and Company, New York, 1996.

 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 

 “the  four  riders  are  often  seen  as  symbolizing…Pestilence…War,  Famine,  and  Death.”


 Ancient Tales 

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