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 People  continue  to  pollute  for  several  reasons: 

-  Pollution  doesn’t  affect  people’s  everyday  lives.”

- “Fear  of...consequences."   "Will  it  cost  me?"



- “Worry  that  [we]  will  be  judged  by  others.”

 - Avoidance: Somebody  will  think  of  something.”

 - "We  have  a  tendency  to  wait  for  others  to  act...[and

   a  preference  for  the  present  situation;  [and] a  disinclination  to  change  things."


 While  we  rationalize  our  addiction  to  pollution,  the  weather  worsens. 

- “There’s  a  time  lag."   "We’re  adjusting  to...‘shifting  baselines  syndrome’...

    Little by little, a hotter, more chaotic, and more dangerous world is becoming normal to us.”

 - “We...unknowingly  accept  an  increasingly  degraded...planet  as  normal.”


  “‘It’s...hard  to  get  people  to  change  their  way  of  life’.”  

  “People  tend  to  overweigh  the  potential  negatives.”  

      If  you  changed  your  life-style,  would  you  put  close  relationships  at  risk? 


  • “Being  a  good...citizen...butts  up  against...tendencies  to  prioritize...families/friends.”


      When  people  quit  a  polluting  life-style,  it’s  often  because: 

  • “We  have  a  positive  view  of  [the  new]  behaviour,

  •  and  have  a  strong  sense  of  personal  obligation.”


  • "feel  inaction  will  compromise  [our]  values.” 


      How  can  we  encourage  more  people  to  create  less  pollution? 


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